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Critical Connectivity

Increase of Internet Dependency and Its Effect on Live Events

The information superhighway has taken us on a ride to a new place in the live events industry. Many years ago, when looking at a potential venue for an event, the main environmental concerns for the audience were items such as seating, rigging, power, and staging for the displays to ensure everyone can see and hear the message. At the time, the internet did not play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Fast forward to the world we live in today, and it’s almost unthinkable to produce an event without considering multiple forms of internet connectivity. […]

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Delivering the Message

How do you choose the right mix of technology for the right audience?

The fundamental essence of live events is driven by a group of people coming together to receive, understand and communicate a message. Whether in a hotel ballroom, arena, convention center, or any other type of gathering place, companies that put together these meetings are trying to create an experience for the audience. […]

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Losing Proposition

Everyone Loses with Current Paradigm of In-House Hotel Audiovisual Services

A hot button issue right now within the live event industry is the current state of in-house hotel audiovisual services. Twenty-plus years ago, audiovisual departments within hotels offered reasonable commissions to the venue, which allowed them to provide a quality service to the customer at a reasonable price, and were able to make a profit. It was synergistic relationship between the provider and hotel, and it presented value to the customer. Today, the majority of in-house hotel audiovisual companies operate on a model with highly inflated commissions going to the venue, resulting in prices that have skyrocketed to rates well beyond market pricing. The value in this proposition for the customer is virtually nonexistent. […]

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Commanding the Code Red

Ensuring Your Staging Provider Has a Plan to Expect the Unexpected

A phase commonly heard in the event staging industry is, “you are only as good as your last show”. This motto originates from the idea that despite having 10, 50, 100 or whatever number of previous successes on a show, people will only remember what happened the last time, especially if there was a problem. Clients expect to experience a perfect show as recognized by the audience. When problems or failures occur, these unfortunate circumstances can make an impression and overshadow any of the other successes. In order to avoid technical issues taking center stage during the event, it is critical for the event producer or planner to work with a staging provider that has a plan in place to deal with any challenges. […]

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Buyer Beware

Choose wisely – are you dealing with an owner or broker?

In today’s market, meeting producers are challenged to find creative ways to stage the best show possible while stretching the budget. It’s a well known expression in the event industry that “you’re only as good as your last show,” and when bidding for audiovisual services, producers strive to work with a trusted supplier that offers peace of mind. With so many new players in the market vying to win the business, it can be difficult to sort through what differentiates one from another, but there are ways to clarify exactly what you are buying. […]

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A Dollar for a Dollar?

Finding value when determining using In-House Audiovisual vs. Outside Supplier

It is not breaking news that the event industry has drastically changed in the last few years. Consolidation has led to a fewer number of key players in the audiovisual world, limiting the amount of choice when it comes to selecting a provider for your next event. With the narrowing field of options, event planners need to be extra mindful of ensuring they are receiving value with each dollar spent on audiovisual. A common dilemma among planners – to bring in an outside audiovisual company, or contract with the in-house supplier based in the hotel or convention center. […]

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To Buy or Not To Buy…

That Is the Question

In the event staging industry, one question is often top-of-mind for owners: “Is it better to invest in equipment or cross-rent when the need arises? […]

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