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The Comfort Zone

What is the Catalyst for Change When Using Legacy Technology Providers?

Many events take place year after year using the same technical providers and crew. A successful show can often lead to the show producer developing a trusted relationship with the technology provider, and a certain comfort level is established. As a result, the same team will often end up in the fortunate position of supporting that show every year. There are benefits to having that level of trust and familiarity with your team. There is less risk involved supporting an event with a time-tested crew, technology, and staging approach that has proven to be successful in the past. Given that, why would a show producer ever change staging providers? What is the catalyst for a change? […]

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Creating Cohesion with Collaboration

Engage the staging company early in the creative process to maximize results

There are many players involved in developing the creative elements for a live event. The initial idea may come from someone in executive management at a firm, and then either an internal creative services team or outside production company develops the vision and messaging to bring the idea to fruition. There are also the people doing the actual presentations at the event. […]

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An Ounce of Prevention

Preparing to Navigate and Negotiate the Pitfalls of the Venue Contract

When planning a live event and trying to budget effectively, meeting planners may not realize what they can do to prepare on the front end to save time and money. During the planning process, companies commonly talk about equipment discounts, shipment costs, providing local labor and/or using in-house audiovisual to save money for the overall event budget. Although important items to consider, these types of savings occur much later in the overall planning, after the most important step in the process has already transpired – the execution of the venue contract. […]

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Delivering the Message

How do you choose the right mix of technology for the right audience?

The fundamental essence of live events is driven by a group of people coming together to receive, understand and communicate a message. Whether in a hotel ballroom, arena, convention center, or any other type of gathering place, companies that put together these meetings are trying to create an experience for the audience. […]

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Losing Proposition

Everyone Loses with Current Paradigm of In-House Hotel Audiovisual Services

A hot button issue right now within the live event industry is the current state of in-house hotel audiovisual services. Twenty-plus years ago, audiovisual departments within hotels offered reasonable commissions to the venue, which allowed them to provide a quality service to the customer at a reasonable price, and were able to make a profit. It was synergistic relationship between the provider and hotel, and it presented value to the customer. Today, the majority of in-house hotel audiovisual companies operate on a model with highly inflated commissions going to the venue, resulting in prices that have skyrocketed to rates well beyond market pricing. The value in this proposition for the customer is virtually nonexistent. […]

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