2003, 2020

Uncharted Territory

  Hunkering Down and Navigating the Unprecedented Crisis within the Live Events Industry.

The live events industry is no stranger to tough times, but today we are dealing with the fight of our lives. Uncertainty around the world is taking its toll on our industry with the global outbreak of COVID-19. The word “cancelled” is the new normal and has created a wave of unprecedented economic impact that has swept across our industry. (more…)

1403, 2019

A Seat at the Table

  The Importance of Involving the Production Team at the Onset of Meeting Planning

Recently, I was having a discussion with an event producer about the current state of working within the hotel environment and the challenges of staging live events. He mentioned to me how the production team really needs to get a seat at the table for the initial contract negotiation between the hotel and the meeting planner or decision maker that is responsible for venue selection. (more…)

3001, 2019

SVC Podcast: Hanging It Over the Line on Live Events

A behind-the-scenes look at live event video where there are no take-two’s or second chances to get it right.

Interview with Les Goldberg about video display technology for live events, including corporate and touring video setup and operation. Les provides a fresh backdrop on current video formats and he presents some interesting behind the scenes details on what it takes to make immersive 4K Ultra HD video, sound and lighting possible on location. (more…)

3011, 2018

Cue the Applause

  There’s no business like show business, but is it right for everyone?

When you were a child dreaming of what you wanted to be when you grew up, what could have been a better dream than show business? The excitement of a production – the lights, camera, action – whether on the stage, or behind the scenes, there is an energy before the curtain goes up, and when it goes down, there are applause. Who couldn’t love being a part of something like that? (more…)

3007, 2018

The David vs Goliath Effect on Live Events

 Is your staging company operated by an owner or a private equity firm?

While the live events industry has evolved in many ways over the last decade, one of the most noticeable changes has been the reduction of companies due to industry consolidation, through a sweep of mergers and acquisitions taking place across the market. The result of this trend has left the industry with fewer players, basically a couple of giant mega-corporations owned by private equity firms, along with a more limited selection of owner-operated firms that are in a constant battle to compete. (more…)

3105, 2018

Crossing the Lines

 The lose-lose scenario of blurring the lines between production and technical services

Once upon a time in the world of live events, production companies developed creative ideas that were transmitted into a plan to deliver the message of a show. Then, there was an audiovisual staging company that provided equipment and staffing to execute on that plan and bring the vision of the production team to life. (more…)

2704, 2018

Critical Connectivity

Increase of Internet Dependency and Its Effect on Live Events

The information superhighway has taken us on a ride to a new place in the live events industry. Many years ago, when looking at a potential venue for an event, the main environmental concerns for the audience were items such as seating, rigging, power, and staging for the displays to ensure everyone can see and hear the message. At the time, the internet did not play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Fast forward to the world we live in today, and it’s almost unthinkable to produce an event without considering multiple forms of internet connectivity. (more…)

203, 2018

Risk Vs. Reward

Weighing the pros and cons of using the newest technology on your event.

Live events are in a constant state of evolution. All the basic show elements, such as audio, video, LED, and lighting systems have improved over the years, allowing higher quality and efficiencies for any type of event. All the basic show elements, such as audio, video, LED, and lighting systems have improved over the years, allowing higher quality and efficiencies for any type of event. On top of that, there’s always a new range of bells and whistles coming out that can be applied to events to provide the audience with that “never seen before” experience.  (more…)

112, 2017

Technician 2.0

A look at the evolving role of the next generation of show technicians

When you look at the current generation of show technicians, they are a very different breed. Twenty years ago, we dealt with things such as slide projectors, overhead projectors, composite video, canned air, and white gloves. Technology was always a component, but it was a simpler time in some ways. (more…)

2609, 2017

A Rigged System

Rigging rules and rates are weighing down the live events industry

A long time ago, the live events industry did not have all the safety regulations in place that you see today. An audiovisual company could go into a hotel with truss and motors, and rig the equipment for the show. Regulations were lax, prices were reasonable, and companies were given freedom to put on events without many restrictions. Unfortunately, there are many potential hazards in live show environments, and minimal safety regulations can lead to accidents if an equipment provider is not properly trained. Ultimately, hotels realized that hoisting heavy equipment over people’s heads posed a serious safety and liability issue, and began to implement restrictions that gave them control over rigging in their venues. While added safety is critical, a new era of rigging was born where complete control by the venue opened the door for price gouging and exploitation of the system. (more…)